Letters March 18, 2023: ‘Prolific potholes are just ridiculous.’

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Tired of the bumps

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Where are our tax dollars going? Obviously not on repairing the thousands of potholes in Calgary. It’s an embarrassment and a shameful disgrace that we have to drive on roads and actually have to swerve our vehicles to miss these potholes. They are large and deep and do major damage to our vehicles. It’s ridiculous.

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(What, you don’t like it shaken up a little?)

Appointment fails smell test

David Johnston should have declined Trudeau’s offer to be rapporteur looking into China’s interference in Canadian elections. This does not only involve the last two federal elections, but also the Ontario provincial election and the last municipal election in Vancouver. Johnston has had a very close relationship with the Trudeau family going back years. The families even had cottages next to each other. Johnston is also a member of the Trudeau Foundation. Although appointed by Harper, Johnston supported the Liberal Party. He made a number of trips to China, both as University Head and Governor General. His three daughters attended universities in China. Johnston has met with China Leader Xi who called him a great friend of the Chinese people. In view of the foregoing it is difficult to see how Johnston is not seriously compromised as a rapporteur and can act in a non-partisan manner. There are lots of questions about his current appointment by both the official opposition and media outlets not controlled by Trudeau.

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(No friend could ever be impartial here.)

Why year-round hunting?

It is always mind-boggling to read all the reasons for big-game hunting here in Alberta. Can anyone tell me what on earth someone does with a bighorn sheep once it has been shot? Does all of the animal get used? Does the head get mounted on a wall somewhere? Is it just the thrill of the hunt? I’ve never understood the mindset of taking the life of such a beautiful animal, or the hunting of any animal for that matter. To extend the hunting season to a full year is beyond belief. Perhaps the UCP government could give this a second thought? To say that the hunters may have ‘the hunt of a lifetime’ is nauseating. 


(You like kale though, right?)

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Same old song

Notley has taken responsibility for the NDP campaign. Now we’re going to hear more of the same old rhetoric and pessimism we’ve heard since 2019. A negativity designed to bring us down to their level. It’s so old. Notley wants to convince Calgarians she is concerned about them by setting up an office in the city. Where has she been these past four years? She probably thought: I’d better show some interest outside Edmonton, so, eh, let’s go to Calgary. That will show them, right? Well, Rachel, it’s a bit too late for that. We remember the economic disasters the NDP caused when in power. 


(Downtown needs all the tenants it can get these days.)


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