Tributes scheduled to mark six months since Tops mass shooting

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — “Um, I’m okay,” said Demarriah Bassham. “You know, there’s still a moment when you walk in there.”

November 14th will mark six months since the deadly mass shooting that took place at the Tops on Jefferson Avenue. As community members reflect on that tragic day, many said while it’s not always easy their road to recovery has been steady.

“I think that the town, Buffalo, is resilient you know what I mean,” said Calvin Hill, community member. “I believe that we’re more focused on peace and more focused on just bringing the community back together.”

“I mean it’s the neighborhood and community I grew up in,” said Davon Davis, community member. “I refuse to live in fear. And it feels good that it’s back open and we got our grocery store back. So, I’m happy about that.”

As the six-month anniversary arrives people are thinking of ways to honor the lives of the 10 neighbors and friends that were lost.

“Maybe they could do something in the parade every Juneteenth,” said Bassham. “That’d be one thing for sure.”

Mayor Byron Brown has laid out a series of tributes that will take place on Monday, November 14th. Brown said the purpose is to honor the victims and bring awareness to the issue of gun violence.

“…Let’s continue to show the world that, in Buffalo, we find strength and peace when we stand united and support one another through acts of love and kindness…”

Mayor Byron Brown

Mayor Brown asked all houses of worship to toll their bells 13 times at 2:30 on Monday afternoon, which is roughly when the gunman began his killing spree. All city flags have been ordered to fly at half-staff in honor of the victims. City landmarks will also be lit in orange, the color of “gun violence prevention.”

While these tributes are set to take place on one day, when it comes to honoring the victims, community members say they’ll never stop.

“I grew up with one of the guys,” said Davis. “He was going to our church. I grew up in the church home with him. So, they’re always going to be redeemed, they’re never going to be forgotten. We just have to keep living on and not live in fear.”

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