Letters, Nov. 15: City delivers new blow to Calgary’s struggling small businesses

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Re: 5.2% proposed city tax hike. Oh my goodness. Talk about piling on. Another nail in the coffin for small business in Calgary. I have no faith that this useless city council and the mayor will even try to find cost reductions to avoid taxes. I bet the unions all get raises … I guess you get what you pay for, and the unions bought and paid for this useless council. Oh well, at least we have a city bird to keep us distracted since all the good concerts go to Edmonton. Worst. Council. Ever.
(We get sweet tweet from our politicians.)

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Dear Ms. Freeland: I would very much like to keep my subscription to Disney+ and in return would be very willing to give up my subscription to the CRA as this seems to be a much less efficient use of my hard-earned money. Thank you.
(Giving up CRA obligations would be like Disneyland.)

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COVID is making a comeback. People are screaming for mask mandates yet no one is wearing a mask so it can’t be a big deal for most of us. Also, most people are vaccinated so we’ve reached herd immunity, so we’ve been led to believe.
(It will be with us for a long time yet. We just need to keep learning how to live with it.)

Went over to the now rundown/closed-up Ogden Legion to commemorate the brave souls who fought for our country. Sad that the Ogden Legion — once a bustling centerpiece in the community — is now a derelict building with smashed-out and boarded-up windows. For many years I attended the Remembrance Day ceremonies there and was always a full house. I’ve still been going there for the many years since there is a war memorial outside, where the last post was bugled and the pipers played and a two minute of silence was respected. The war memorial is a huge rock with a plaque dedicated to all that served in the First, Second and Korean wars. Sadly it is now surrounded by a chain link fence with barbed wire along the top. But that will still not deter me and the odd other local community members from showing our respect on Remembrance Day at a memorial that should never have been abandoned in this way.
(And for that, we salute you.)

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A big thank you to all the people in Calgary that came out in numbers to the Field of Crosses and all the military cemeteries to pay their respects for our fallen heroes. It was heartening to see all the people placing wreaths, poppies and flowers at the vet monuments. And I don’t believe any monuments were missed. It’s disappointing in the city I live where the majority of the fallen heroes’ gravesites were not visited. Tell that to the vet that sacrificed their life for the freedom we now have. A few minutes of your time to pay respect and honor the vets is little sacrifice. I will never call Calgarian’s redneck again. Thank you, Calgary and take a bow.
(Thank you, Stan.)

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