Kate Winslet Daughter Mia Threapleton in First ‘I Am Ruth’ Trailer

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The first trailer for “I Am Ruth” – the feature-length drama featuring Kat Winslet acting opposite her real-life daughter Threapleton – has dropped.

In the drama, which was conceived and developed by Winslet and filmmaker Dominic Savage, the “Titanic” actor plays Ruth, a concerned mother who struggles to help her teenage daughter Freya (Threapleton) as she becomes increasingly consumed by social media.

In the trailer, the duo are seen growing apart, with Freya withdrawing further into herself despite Ruth’s attempts to connect with her. Winslet and Threapleton embody a typical mother-daughter relationship in the trailer with shouting, door-slamming and hugging. But eventually Ruth takes the dramatic step of forcing Freya to see a counsellor and confiscating her phone. “It’s what’s making you ill,” Ruth tells her distraught daughter. The impact on the rest of the family, including what appears to be Freya’s brother, is also depicted.

“I Am” is an anthology series created by Savage starring well-known female actors telling women-centered stories. Vicky McClure, Samantha Morton and Gemma Chan all starred in the first season while Suranne Jones, Letitia Wright and Lesley Manville appeared in the second. Winslet’s “I Am Ruth” is the first chapter of Season 3, with more chapters (from different actors) set to be announced in due course.

“I Am Ruth” was created, written and directed by Savage based on the story he conceived and developed with Winslet. It is produced by Me+You Productions produce in association with Juggle Productions. Executive producers are Savage, Winslet and Richard Yee while producers are Krishnendu Majumdar and Josh Hyams.

The drama was commissioned for Channel 4 by Caroline Hollick and Gemma Boswell and co-funded by Sky Studios. NBCU Distribution are selling the drama internationally.

Check out the trailer below:

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