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A study has found that the French have got “even lazier”, said The Telegraph. Researchers in 1990 found that 60% of French people said work was “very important” in their life, compared to 31% for leisure. Asked the same questions today, just 24% of the French thought work was important while 41% regarded leisure as very important. “Famed for their marathon holidays, extended lunches and 35-hour working week”, the French “have long basked in the enviable image of enjoying life’s pleasures”, said The Telegraph.

Randy pensioners are causing surge at sexual health clinics

Pensioners are behind a surge in demand for sexual health services due to online dating, reported The Times. Sexually transmitted infections are on the rise among the over-65s, with new diagnoses up from 2,280 in 2017 to 2,748 in 2019. Doctors say randy older Brits are using online dating to find new sexual partners after a divorce or bereavement and some do not use condoms owing to the low risk of pregnancy, putting them at heightened risk of STIs.

Man pushes skipping rope up his penis

Meanwhile, an elderly man in Japan had a bad time of it when he pushed a skipping rope so far up his penis that he got it stuck in his bladder. Commenting on the plight of the 79-year-old man, a medic said they hadn’t seen anything more “extreme” than it. The bladder was surgically removed. However, said the Daily Star, why the man inserted the rope inside himself “remains a mystery”.

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