Cedar Hill High School teacher adds new meaning to the term ‘winning’

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CEDAR HILL, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) — For the second time since Carlos Lynn became Cedar Hill High School’s head football coach, the Longhorns did not make the playoffs. However, all he needs to do is take a stroll down the school hallway with his wife to put things in perspective.

“Watching her deal with the student frames the reality of what people go through every single day,” Lynn said. “That helps you keep focus and no matter what you’re dealing with, you keep moving and you stay positive.”

His wife, Antwanette Lynn, is a coach of a different kind, with a game plan that can never be measured on a scoreboard. 

“I absolutely love my students and if I could take them home, I would,” she said. “They are so bubbly and full of energy. They’ll make you love them.”

As a special education paraprofessional at the high school, Antwanette believes that with some basic life skills, they can all make a special contribution to society.

“The world can be very cruel,” she said. “The scholars are very exceptional. They have many abilities that people don’t realize they’re able to share…Some of them just need more extra love and care. And God just put that in me to have.”

And helping children overcome adversity is nothing new for the married couple.

“My son would end up in that category as being a two-time cancer survivor. Because he lost his hearing in one ear, that classifies him with a special needs,” Antwanette explained.

Not only does coach Lynn know what makes a great player and a great team, he also knows what makes a great teammate.

He describes his wife as the type of person that “has the heart to go above and beyond what most people wouldn’t think about doing.” 

The two can proudly say their son Caleb is now 24 and pursuing a career in welding. 

Their hope is to help as many students with special needs to find their path of success as well.

Since this story aired, Coach Lynn has resigned after six seasons as the high school’s head football coach.

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