friends & community rally behind teen hospitalized with flu complications

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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – It’s been nearly two weeks since 14-year-old Mileigh Mothershead was hospitalized at USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital. Complications with the flu — along with a rare blood disorder that prevents her body from fighting off bacteria, developed into pneumonia weaking her heart, lungs, and kidneys. She was eventually – she was eventually placed on ventilator.

“It was scary, but she’s pushing through and she’s strong — she’s a fighter for sure,” said Brelan Mothershead, Mileigh’s older sister.

Mileigh’s friends and the community forming a prayer circle outside the hospital — rallying around the Satsuma High School freshman.

“It’s really touching to know there are that many people that care about her — and I don’t think she has even realized how many people truly care about what is going on,” said Emma Claire Cost, Mileigh’s best friend.

And those prayers are working. For the first time — Mileigh taken off the vent Sunday and is now on the road to recovery. She’s not only alert and responsive but she was watching the prayer vigil on Facebook live — even shedding tears.

“Oh — she was for sure. She’s the type of person who does for others and not want anything back. So for her to see this many people give to her — it’s crazy for her. Overwhelming,” said Brelan.

The family says there’s even a chance Mileigh may be able to go home in time for Thanksgiving — that would truly be “Mileigh’s Miracle” — made possible by the support of an army of friends and community.

“It’s good to know you’re not as small as you think you are. Because you think no one really notices it and then you have your whole community standing behind you. And people I didn’t even know knew us have shown up and it’s been really cool,” said Brelan.

The family is currently staying at the Ronald McDonald House. But if you would like to help them — you can click on the following links.


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