Vladimir Putin Is Bringing Back Military Training To Russian Schools To Prepare Students For Ukraine War

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Vladimir Putin is bringing back mandatory military training to Russian schools for the first time in 30 years in the latest sign that he is losing the war in Ukraine.

According to the UK’s Ministry of Defence, the aim of the programme is to improve the “poor” quality of conscripts to the Russian army.

It reprises a Soviet-era programme which ended in 1993, following the end of the Cold War.

Among the skills they will learn are what to do in the event of a chemical or nuclear attack, first aid and handling and firing Kalashnikov rifles.

The development was revealed in the MoD’s latest intelligence update on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which began in February but has seen a series of humiliating military defeats for Putin.

The most recent came last week when Russian troops were forced to leave Kherson, the only regional capital is has managed to capture since the war began.

Russian education minister Sergey Kravstov announced that military training will return to Russian schools from September 2023, according to the MoD update.

It added: “This reprises a Soviet-era programme where students had mandatory military training, a programme which ended in 1993. This training included contingencies for a chemical or nuclear attack, first aid and experience handling and firing Kalashnikov rifles.

“Russian officials attempted to revive this training in 2014 following Russia’s invasion of Crimea. It was hoped that the initiative would improve the quality of conscripts.

“Eight years later, little has changed, and the quality of Russian conscripts remains poor, with low morale and limited training.”

The MoD said their Russian counterparts want at least 140 hours per academic year devoted to military training.

“This training likely intends to prepare students with military skills as they approach conscription age and to increase the take-up for mobilisation and conscription drives,” the MoD said.

“This initiative is also likely to be part of a wider project to instil an ideology of patriotism and trust in public institutions in the Russian population.”

Meanwhile, Rishi Sunak will will use the upcoming G20 summit to “call out Putin’s regime” over the devastation it is wreaking on Ukraine and the global economy.

The prime minister jets off to Bali, Indonesia, today to join other word leaders, although Putin is expected to skip the gathering.

In a statement ahead of the summit, Sunak said: “Putin’s war has caused devastation around the world – destroying lives and plunging the international economy into turmoil.

“This G20 summit will not be business as usual. We will call out Putin’s regime, and lay bare their utter contempt for the kind of international cooperation and respect for sovereignty forums like the G20 represent.

“In clear contrast to Putin’s disruption, the UK and our allies will work together to make meaningful progress solving the economic challenges we face and making lives better for our people.”

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