Elon Musk’s response to Sen. Ed Markey RANTING at him over being parodied is STRAIGHT-FIRE and LOL –

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Awww, poor Senator Markey. Elon doesn’t think he’s special anymore.

It would appear a Washington Post reporter was able to create a verified parody account of the senator, and he was none too happy about it. Hey man, some of us have been getting impersonated for years on Twitter by hateful trolls and the bigs never cared about us.

That being said, we will say it does make our jobs a TEENSY bit harder because we have to make sure the blue-check really is that person BUT we don’t mind taking the extra steps if it means more people can be who they really are and have a say.

Markey screeched at Elon:

Elon’s response was perfection:

Annnnnd we’re dead.


What else is new?

Ooooh yeah!



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